Business Banking

Commercial Internet Banking

Manage your accounts online with Commercial Internet Banking. Add ACH debit and credit origination for a complete solution to your electronic banking needs. (ACH services subject to credit quality review)

Merchant Services

Merchant Services can increase sales by making it easier for your customers to pay with their credit cards. Call any one of our community offices for more information on our competitive terms and fees to process your customers’ credit card payments.

VISA® Credit Card

Our business credit card offers flexibility, universal acceptance, and a great rewards program. With The Northumberland National Bank’s VISA® credit card you get:

  • No annual fee (applies to certain cards)
  • 0% introductory rate
  • Cash back (applies to certain cards)
  • Bonus, merchandise and travel rewards

Access your personal or business credit card account online.

Apply for a personal or business VISA® credit card.


Please refer to the schedule below for the pricing of our miscellaneous bank services.

 Effective date: September 14, 2020

ATM/Debit Card Replacement Card$10.00
Cashier’s Check$10.00
Checking or Savings Account$5.00 if closed within 30 days
Club Account$10.00 plus lose interest if closed early; $5.00 per withdrawal
Dormant Account$5.00 per month after 2 years inactive
Escheated Processing Fee$25.00
Fax Service

Per Page Received $0.25 /Per Page long distance sent $1.00

Garnishment, Writ, Levy$175.00
Indemnity Bond Issuance$10.00
IRA transfer to another institution$25.00 if no other NNB account
Locking Night Deposit Bags$20.00
Non-Customer Check CashingChecks to $1,000 – $5.00
Checks over $1,000 – 1% of check amount
Notary Seal$5.00 per stamp plus $2.00 each additional signature
NSF Fee$35.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer$10.00
Overdrawn Account Charge$5.00
Charged on the 5th continuous day and each 5th continuous day thereafter
Returned Checks$12.00 (Personal and Business Accounts)
Signature Guarantee$5.00 per stamp
Statement Copy$5.00 per statement / $10.00 with check images
Statement Reconciliation or Research$25/hour; $10 minimum
Stop Payment$35.00
Wire TransfersIncoming – $15.00
Outgoing (domestic) – $25.00
Outgoing (foreign) – $50.00

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